La Instructora

La Instructora is produced at “la Tabacalera Palma”, in the Dominican Republic.
The brand has two lines of products: The Perfection Line and The Box Pressed Line. Each one is made in four formats that are characterized by a narrow band that recalls a very colorful abstract painting for the first cigar and a white and black design for the second.
The Perfection Line uses Ecuadorian capa of Habano Rosado, Dominican capote of Criollo 98 of Potrero, mixed with Dominican tobaccos for the Tripa.
Jochy Blanco has cultivated the Dominican Criollo seco and the ligero of Potrero, while the seco of Dominican Piloto comes from La Canela and precisely from the finca of the farmer Ernesto “Campeòn” Infante. It is brought to its most with Dominican Viso de Piloto that comes from the Quisqueya Cia Farmhouse at the La Canela.
The line BOX PRESSED uses Brazilian Cubra Capa, Capote of Dominican Piloto from Jacagua and Tripa filler of Criollo 98 ligero and seco of Potrero, after Dominican seco and viso Piloto from La Canela. All these tobaccos are cultivated by Jochy Blanco except for La Capa. The Dominican Pilot makes this product special due to the fact that it is a very rare leaf that once made these cigars very famous, to consider that these cultivations have become very expensive as they need a longer time to grow in a correct manner.